The Laymon N. Miller Award for Excellence in Acoustical Consulting is an annual award to be provided jointly by the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States of America (INCE/USA). This award is to be provided to an individual who has practiced acoustical consulting in an exemplary manner over a sustained period of time to improve acoustical environments in and around buildings, transportation systems, work places, recreational and other occupied spaces such that the quality of life for citizens and communities is significantly enhanced.

“Dave’s ambitious work ethic, creativity in finding effective acoustical solutions for his clients, and his interest in the continued education of and appreciation for his consultants’ interest is truly worth an honor of this caliber. Because of Dave’s efforts throughout his career, thousands of acoustical environments have been enhanced worldwide, and the next generation of aspiring young acousticians (and others in architecture, and theater design) are more knowledgeable and able to “carry the torch” toward better designs for tomorrow’s buildings.”

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