Computer Modeling

How Do You Know What This Building Will Sound Like?

How do you predict, modify and control sound?

The experienced Acoustical Consultant brings a broad perspective of all the building trades and their contribution to the end product. Today’s design and development teams are becoming ever more complex, increasing the chance that potential “sound effects” will be overlooked. While all team members are concerned with aesthetics, integration and functionality, the Acoustical Consultant plays the vital role of “hearing” all of the components as they come together. Through improving sound quality and reducing the risk of unwanted noise or other acoustical problems, the Acoustical Consultant adds significant value to the finished project.

To predict and address potential noise issues the Acoustical Consultant:

  • establishes appropriate critera; models the environment to accurately describe its sound characteristics.
  • analyzes how sound sources such as mechanical or electrical systems, machines, or sounds from the outside may impact interior or exterior areas, including neighbors.
  • advises the design team, owner, or community on means to mitigate noise, while enhancing sound quality.

As with any new project, the most cost-effective time to enhance sound quality and remedy potential problems is during initial design. Yet what about existing facilities, or external changes and impacts such as increased traffic or new neighbors? Acoustical Consultants also provide solutions for existing structures, renovation and adaptive re-use projects, historic buildings, urban development, highway and airport expansion, outdoor recreational facilities, and all types of industrial environments.

While the underlying principles of acoustics and noise control have been established for decades, recent advances in computer modeling, systems, and materials have been phenomenal. The skilled Acoustical Consultant can accurately model increasingly dynamic and complex scenarios. This results in greater flexibility and precision in developing solutions for difficult problems. Cost-effective solutions may point to special products and systems where appropriate, yet the Acoustical Consultant also uses everyday materials in unique and innovative ways.