Environmental Noise and Vibration

Environmental acoustics includes the measurement and analysis of noise and vibration in the environment, to enable mediation and mitigation of all types of environmental noise sources, ranging from transportation and industrial sources to outdoor entertainment facilities.

  • Noise monitoring
  • Noise barrier design
  • Site suitability studies
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Applications for site plan approval
  • Aircraft and ground transportation planning
  • Ground-borne and structure-borne vibration assessment
  • Analysis, mediation and mitigation of environmental noise sources

Case Study: Replacing Old Equipment Cuts Noise, Saves Energy

A manufacturing company called a local NCAC member firm to investigate noise from some dust collector fans. Neighbors were complaining about a “beating” effect that occurs when multiple fans have a strong tone at about the same frequency. The consultant first confirmed the company’s fears that silencing these fans would be very expensive. However, he asked whether they really needed this type of fan in their operation. The fan was not only noisy, but not very energy efficient.

The solution:

It turned out the manufacturer could substitute a quieter, more energy efficient fan. The cost to buy the new fans with some minimal noise control was less than the cost to silence the original fans. Further, the energy savings realized with the new fans paid for them in less than five years.