NCAC Membership

Membership Benefits

Since 1962 NCAC has led the acoustical profession in recognition, providing a peer community, and advancing the science and value of acoustical design. Member firms are distinguished by their technical expertise, proven experience, innovation and the highest standards of independent consulting business practice without involvement in the sale of products. The professional and business value of membership includes international recognition, research, educational and business opportunities.

Professional Recognition— Only professionals with the highest credentials and proven experience are accepted to become NCAC members and member firms.

International Community— Worldwide membership exceeds 130 member firms

NCAC Promotes Industry Recognition— Advancing understanding of the value of acoustical design. Member Standards Committee are involved in national and international acoustical standards.

Educational Opportunities— Conferences, Seminars, Tours and Presentations aimed at both business and technical issues.

Peer Interaction— Annual Meetings and Newsletter allow members to communicate among themselves and with manufacturers’ representatives to discuss the latest acoustical materials, share product experiences and needs. An Internet list server (online forum) provides rapid communication among members seeking assistance with unusual problems or wishing to share information with colleagues information such as new regulations, construction trends and government initiatives with colleagues.

NCAC Marketing Support— NCAC’s brochure, exhibiting at industry events and web site promote acoustical consulting to your marketplace. Your firm’s principals will also receive a polo shirt with the NCAC name and logo.

Web site Listing – A Reference and Referral Tool for Potential Clients— Web site includes data on your firm’s areas of expertise, plus links to your site and/or email.

Newsletter and Publications— Provides news of developments affecting your business, information on new products, news from other member firms and an opportunity to share information related to the acoustical consulting industry. Click here to view a sample newsletter. In order to view current issues of the newsletter, you must login as a member.

Join The National Council of Acoustical Consultants

Firm Membership – Since 1962, NCAC member firms have led their profession in technical expertise, research, innovation, and development of real-world applications in all types of environments.

NCAC accepts professional firms that specialize in acoustical consulting based upon education, references, and most importantly – the proven experience of the principals of the firm.

To qualify to be an NCAC member, the firm principals who practice acoustical consulting must be full or Fellow members of either the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Institute of Noise Control Engineering USA (INCE-USA), Audio Engineering Society (AES) or licensed as an Engineer based specifically on knowledge and experience in acoustics in the jurisdiction where the Firm Member is located. These associations have their own rigorous standards applying to education, demonstrated experience, and references from professional peers. Download complete membership requirements.

Are you interested in joining or learning more about NCAC? Click here to complete the membership application. For additional information, please call (317) 328 0642 or send an email to

Individual Membership – Individual Membership is available only to employees of a Firm Member. Individuals must be engaged in an acoustical consulting capacity and are either a full Member or Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America or a full Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering USA, or licensed specifically as an Acoustical Engineer in the jurisdiction where the Firm Member is located. Individual Member Application. 

If you are a staff member of an NCAC member firm and would like access to the NCAC community, please contact for assistance.


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