July 1, 2020 marks the beginning of a new leadership year for NCAC.

A special thank you to:

  • James Phillips who is concluding his 16 years of service on the NCAC Board and who will continue to be a great resource on the Long Range Planning Committee.
  • Joseph Soker who is concluding 10 years of service on the NCAC Board and will continue to chair the International Committee.
  • Stephanie Adams-Ball for her service as 2018-20 NCAC President and who will continue on the NCAC Board as immediate past president.

2020-2022 NCAC Board of Directors:


Eric Reuter
Reuter Associates, LLC

President – Elect

Scott Pfeiffer, FASA
Threshold Acoustics, LLC

Immediate Past President

Stephanie Adams-Ball
D.L. Adams Associates, Inc.

Vice President of Finance

Jesse Ehnert
Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting, LLC

Vice President of Membership

Joseph Bridger
Stewart Acoustical Consulants

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Richard Schrag
Russ Berger Design Group


Silas Bensing
Wilson Ihrig

Jessica Clements
Newcomb & Boyd, LLP

Scott Harvey
Phoenix Noise & Vibration, LLC

Adam Jenkins
The Greenbusch Group, Inc.

Richard Riedel
Riedel Audio & Acoustics, LLC

Individual Member Representative

Rob Miller
Threshold Acoustics