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55 Railroad Row White River Junction, VT 5001 United States

Contact: Kenneth Kaliski

Telephone: 802-295-4999

Fax: 802-295-1006


Principal NCAC Members:
Kenneth Kaliski
Ryan Haac
Dana Lodico
Isaac Old

RSG provides noise control engineering and acoustical consulting that helps our clients assess noise impacts, design for good acoustics, and develop sensible mitigation / optimization plans. We work with businesses, governments, and communities to evaluate and mitigate noise pollution ranging from transient nuisances to significant health and safety hazards. We work with designers, architects, and tenants to create optimum aural environments, including schools, public and commercial buildings, private residences, and special-use facilities. RSG is unique among acoustical consultants in our ability to leverage capabilities beyond the traditional acoustical practices, including advanced statistical analyses, web-based communications tools, software development, market research and public surveys, and environmental, geospatial (GIS), traffic, and analytical systems modeling. We operate a suite of sound monitoring equipment, data processing tools, and acoustical models that support every case of acoustical projects. Our noise control services include field testing and monitoring, community, environmental, traffic, and industrial noise surveys, noise control for the energy and transportation sectors, mining, extraction, and material handing industries, commercial, mechanical, and HVAC installations, plant and factory noise, product noise, and more. We provide support for environmental permitting at the federal, state, and municipal levels, as well as expert witness testimony for permitting, zoning, planning, and civil proceedings. RSG is active in acoustics research, including audible and infrasonic sound from wind turbines, meteorological effects on sound propagation, perception of highway barrier acoustics, and soundscapes in our National Parks.