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Jaffe Holden Acoustics

114A Washington St Norwalk, CT 06854

Contact: Carlos Rivera

Telephone: 203-838-4167


Principal NCAC Members:
Carlos Rivera

Inspiring Sensory Experiences. Headquarters in Norwalk, CT; Presence in Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD, Toronto, Canada and project work across the globe.Acoustic design and audio/video solutions for the spaces where people work, learn, live and play. Our consulting services cover all phases of a project from pre-design to post-opening. Whether addressing the needs of a government facility, commercial building, performing arts center, educational facility, museum, or healthcare institution, we ensure that the project meets its acoustic design potential. Aural variables can greatly impact a space. We deliver acoustic design recommendations that meet our exacting standards, control variables, and create the desired aural outcome in each space. Unwanted sound and vibration can originate from both inside and outside of a building. We uncover ways to control sound from outside and from within by separating noise-generating equipment, activities or functions from each other within the building.Noise and vibration from nearby MEP equipment diminish sensory experiences. Our consultants analyze sources such as fans, determine their impact, and develop recommendations to enhance the desired acoustical functionality. The integration of acoustic design with AV technology helps enhance spaces through a combination of natural and amplified sound. Our state-of-the-art AV system designs prioritize flexible, user-friendly control systems. As a result, we're able to seamlessly incorporate AV to support learning, discovery, and enjoyment for students, visitors, and audiences alike. ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS, NOISE AND VIBRATION CONTROL, COMPUTER MODELING,ROOM DESIGN, AUDIO VIDEO AV SYSTEM