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Creative Acoustics, LLC

5 Inwood Lane Suite 101 Westport, CT 68806134 United States

Contact: David Greenberg

Telephone: 203-226-8949

Fax: 866-265-7408


Principal NCAC Members:
David Greenberg

CREATIVE ACOUSTICS utilizes principles of physics and acoustics to find innovative and practical solutions for optimizing the acoustics quality of functional spaces as well as maximizing the comfort and enjoyment of the user. Specializing in Performing Arts buildings and founded in 2000, we are certified as Federal and Connecticut State Small Business Enterprise (SBE). Full acoustics services are offered in a collaborative and cooperative manner including ROOM DESIGN, PERFORMER ACCOMMODATION, ACOUSTIC ISOLATION, NOISE CONTROL, and synergy between sound systems and room acoustics. Creative Acoustics has expertise in the acoustics design of Performing Arts Venues, Worship Spaces, Classrooms, Libraries, Film Studios, Recreational Spaces, Art Galleries, and many other project types with acoustically sensitive needs.