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100 Kalamath Street Denver, CO 80223 United States

Contact: Leonard Kusovac

Telephone: 303-309-1178


Principal NCAC Members:
Leonard Kusovac

CENSEO differentiates itself by offering reasonable advice coupled with practical design solutions. The CENSEO team treats each project individually, never resorting to a one-size-fits-all solution or complicating issues unnecessarily. Our clients ha ve complimented CENSEO’s work, explaining that recommendations and design are easy to read and understand. ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS, AIRCRAFT NOISE ASSESSMENT, THEATRE AND CONCERT HALLS, COMMUNITY NOISE SURVEYS, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATENTS, EXPERT ITNESS, FIELD TESTING, FORENSIC ACOUSTICS, INDUSTRIAL NOISE CONTROL, MECHANICAL SYSTEM AND HVAC, MULTIMEDIA AND TV SYSTEMS DESIGN, OPEN-PLAN OFFICE ACOUSTICAL DESIGN, THEATER AND CONCERT HALLS, TRANSPORTATION NOISE CONTROL, VIBRATION ANALYSIS AND CON TROL