Staff Consultant

Staff Consultant

Staff Consultant

Eilar Associates, Inc. is currently seeking qualified applicants for a full-time Staff Consultant position in Escondido, CA with an anticipated start date in summer or fall of 2022.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Performing noise measurements and documenting site conditions
  • Developing computer noise models to assess roadway noise, mechanical noise, or other noise predictions
  • Writing technical reports
  • Assisting with the development of proposals

Qualified applicants will have a Bachelor’s degree in acoustics or a related field, strong technical writing skills, ability to interact and work with clients, computer skills (including Microsoft Office), and high attention to detail. Familiarity with acoustical software (CadnaA, TNM, INSUL, etc.) and basic mechanical and/or construction knowledge a plus.

Eilar is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive compensation and benefit packages.

Please email your resume and letter expressing interest in this position to


Acoustical Consultant

Acoustical Consultant

Acoustical Consultant with a minimum of 3 years of experience (also looking for any senior or principal level consultant)

About Our Team

Our team of consultants (made up of employees and regular subconsultants) has collectively a significant number of years of experience in the field of acoustics.  Our combination of training, breadth of experience, leadership, state of the -of-the-art tools, and instruments is unmatched by any other firm in our primary service area.  We are led by two highly experienced consultants.  The president and principal consultant, Dr. Noral D. Stewart, FASA, FASTM, is an internationally recognized leader involved in the study and practice of acoustics since 1967 and consulting full time since 1981. He is also a past President of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants.  He has contributed significantly to standards activities and to NCAC.  He is involved in training staff and as a resource, now working part part-time.  Managing Principal Joseph F. Bridger has been with the firm since 1993, with nearly 29 years of acoustical consulting experience.  He serves on the NCAC board, NC-ASA, ASHRAE TC 2.6, and is also active in green building acoustics, ASA, and INCE.  Joe is well versed in all our primary areas of focus, including architectural acoustics, workplace noise, and environmental noise.  He is passionate about acoustics, is an avid musician like many consultants, and works hard to stay on top of the changing field of acoustics.  We also have senior consultant Dr. John Gagliardi, whom is also a great mentor of our younger staff, with an excellent knowledge of many aspects of acoustics.

Our firm is committed to continuously expanding our understanding of and expertise in acoustics and delivering the best quality to our clients.  We also are building a team of consultants who enjoy interesting and challenging projects, whom are committed to doing what it takes to get the job done right, and have the mindset that their success depends on what they can bring to the team.  We also have a strong respect for a balance of personal and professional lives and seek to be flexible to meet personal commitments.  We also will assist and support any staff member who wants to develop and expand their skills more quickly and wants to put in the extra time to do so.

Our firm has a strong core of architectural acoustics, environmental noise control, and workplace noise.  We have expanded our capabilities through our regular subconsultants to include A/V/technical systems.  We have plans to further expand in this area.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking to hire an acoustical consultant who is interested in living long term in North Carolina, who knows how to execute many of their own projects with minimal oversight, can work well with other team members, delegate tasks, and has significant experience in at least one and preferably more of our core acoustics areas (room acoustics, sound isolation, HVAC noise control, environmental noise, field testing, etc.).  This person will have the opportunity to learn from (and collaborate with) Joseph F. Bridger and Noral Stewart and other senior staff and subconsultants, as they continue to expand their skillset.

We are seeking like-minded workers, who can manage their own projects, are passionate about acoustics and expanding their knowledge base. We are seeking consultants who will help the firm gain new clients and will help develop new business with current clients.  We want new team members who desire an environment where it is expected that we will collaborate, learn from, and train/teach one another.  If you are simply looking for a career step, or just a paycheck, this job is not the right fit.  If your idea of a job is doing only what is required of you and no more, this job is not suitable for you.  If you do not see it as part of your job to step in and help someone on the team without being asked, then our team culture is not right for you.  If, however, you love to collaborate and believe it is part of your core mission to help the firm grow as a team, this may be a great match.

Job Requirements

  1. Eager to learn and intellectually curious – Be prepared to demonstrate how you have made efforts to grow in your understanding of acoustics and how you have contributed to the knowledge base of acoustics and acoustical consulting. This is an integral part of our firm culture.  We like to see that someone is intellectually curious, taking the initiative to learn something new and whom asks the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.
  2. Ready to contribute – This position requires that you have enough experience in one or more core areas of our acoustical consulting practice, such that it requires minimal additional training to make you a productive member of our team. This can be demonstrated by a list of sample projects and project reports, or being prepared to discuss several projects.
  3. Able to work independently with prudence – It is important that you can demonstrate enough experience and ability to work independently on a project and show good judgment in evaluating your own work and the work of others. We thus are looking for someone with at least 3 years of relevant work experience.  More experience is very welcome.  Expect to be heavily scrutinized.  This is to help see what skills you have.
  4. Plan to make this your home for some time – Finding and replacing good people is a time-consuming and costly task for a small business. Thus we seek persons that would like to live here and have reason to want to stay here.
  5. Employment potential for at least 5 years – Someone whom is about to retire is not our preferred candidate. Subconsulting or part-time employment is usually better for such candidates, and that could be discussed (unless the candidate brings their own clients).  We are looking for consultants who could contribute to our firm for a considerable period.
  6. Strong Ethics – Strong business and personal ethics are essential to our firm culture. It is important that we take responsibility for our actions, and respect each other in how we speak to one another.  The NCAC canon of ethics is a starting point for us, not an ending point.
  7. Hard Working – We are a team of problem solvers, not finger pointers. We work together to find solutions and we expect everyone to do their part.
  8. Strong acoustics problem-solving skills – We do not need simple worker bees. We want someone who loves to solve problems and find solutions.  Of course, they need to be able to handle the math and physics that is the science of acoustics, but more importantly, know how to use it to solve problems.  Traditionally it is an engineering degree with acoustics as part of the studies, followed by the work experience that demonstrates these qualities.
  9. Strong communication skills – Being able to sit down at a table and clearly communicate to a client or similarly do so in writing is critical to consulting work. We critique each other’s work product frequently.  Work experience, samples of your writing, and how you conduct yourself in an interview will be how this is evaluated.


Compensation and Benefits

Our company provides health insurance for the employee.  The worker can upgrade and pick one of three other insurance plans from United HealthCare as well as pay for dependent, spouse, or family coverage.  We offer three HSA style plans where employees can contribute pretax.  We also offer dental, eye care, life, short and long term disability plans through ADP TotalSource.  In addition, we offer two weeks of paid vacation that roll over if unused and 9 paid holidays that can be floated.


Salary is based on the expected ability to contribute to billable work to the firm and is negotiable based on the applicant’s skills and experience.  For employees who outperform the expectations for billable work set for them at time of employment, we provide periodic bonuses which are directly proportional to their level of performance.  Since this position requires experience, it is expected that the applicant within 3 months will be able to meet the minimum standards of performance set for them and contribute to the profitability of the business.  We do our best to help everyone be successful, but if at any time after 3 months it is evident that you are not able to meet minimum standards of performance, we will be forced to reevaluate compensation.


Opportunities to Advance

The ability to advance in our firm is not based on time spent with our firm, years of experience, or any external credentials.  It is based on what you can contribute to the team and the profitability of our firm.  The stature of another team member will not prevent your ability to advance and succeed.


If this team culture works for you, please apply

If you see this as a great place to want to work and be a part of, then please apply.  If you feel you are weak in some of these qualities but really want to be on our team, then still apply, but be prepared to sell us on why you are a great fit.  You just might be.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, and anyone joining our team will be mentored to help grow in all areas, and expected to mentor others in their strengths, regardless of position.

To apply contact or leave Joseph Bridger a message at 919-858-0899, ext 2. You may also submit your resume below.