Wenger Corporation designs, manufactures, and installs equipment for music education and performing arts with products that include Acoustical Solutions, Orchestra Pit Fillers, Staging Solutions, and other quality performance furnishings. Wenger has a team of acoustical experts focused on developing and designing acoustical solutions for education and performance spaces. Within our full line of acoustical shells, the Diva® Shell is our signature product and has the acoustical and engineering test data along with the technical expertise to ensure that it will meet or exceed the acoustic requirements of your project. Wenger is recognized as an expert in custom aesthetic and acoustic design for both new construction and existing facilities. Wenger pioneered modular sound isolation practice rooms and acoustic enhancement for small music practice spaces. Wenger’s full line of virtual acoustic technology can change the acoustic environment with a push of a button, providing the optimal setting for any acoustic performance. Our line of acoustical products includes the VAE® Rehearsal System, Transcend™ Active Acoustic System, Transform™ Acoustical Banners, Acoustical Doors as well as a variety of other solutions to enhance music rehearsal and performance.