Overly Door Company


For over 60 years, Overly, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of Architectural Acoustic Door and Window Systems. Because of our unique manufacturing methods and patented designs, Overly has created a line of Sound Control Metal Door Systems with STC ratings from 43 to 57 and Wood Door Systems with STC ratings from 41 to 49. These door systems incorporate a variety of sealing options and door configurations such as flush or glazed as well as single or pair configurations.

To compliment its doors, Overly has developed a complete line of Metal Fixed Window Systems with STC ratings from 37 to 55 utilizing both conventional and pre-formed glazing systems.

Additionally, many of these products have been tested to UL 10C Fie Test Standard as well as qualify for a variety of LEED Certifications.


Bill Hugus
Overly Door Company