LogiSon Acoustic Network



For over forty years, our company has exclusively focused on developing sound masking technology. During that time, we’ve built an extensive client list – ranging from small business to Fortune 500 – and a global distribution network dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

In 2000, we embarked on a from-the-ground-up re-envisioning of sound masking, resulting in the world’s first networked system: the LogiSon Acoustic Network. It’s now a recognized industry leader with over twenty awards for innovation, performance and ease of use.

With its small zones, decentralized sound generation, full-range loudspeakers, fine volume and third-octave frequency controls, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is uniquely designed to give you all of the right building blocks needed to ensure the sound consistently meets the desired masking curve. And our unique TARGET application leverages the LogiSon networked architecture in order to tune with previously unachievable accuracy.

Designed right. Tuned right. It’s a powerful combination. And the result is more consistent, comfortable and effective sound masking.

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