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Clayton Acoustics Group

57 Granite Dr Penfield, NY 14526-2851 United States

Contact: Dan Clayton

Telephone: 1-914-643-1647


Principal NCAC Members:
Dan Clayton

Clayton Acoustics Group is an acoustics and sound system consulting firm with experienced focus on projects for houses of worship and performance spaces, including new construction, renovation, rehabilitation and historic preservation & restoration. Our projects can be found across the US and Canada. We provide a full scope of architectural acoustics consulting services: room acoustics design, noise & vibration control, sound isolation, electroacoustical & multimedia system design, plus specialist pipe organ acoustics & technical accommodation. For churches and synagogues we focus on ecclesiastical room acoustics, choral and pipe organ acoustics, and high quality speech and vocal reinforcement sound system design for reverberant buildings. We are familiar with the liturgical practices of many Christian and Jewish denominations, and a variety of world faith traditions. For performing arts facilities (including theaters, auditoriums, concert & recital halls) we focus on performance & rehearsal space room acoustics for music and drama, sound amplification system design, recording studios and specialty theatrical production systems. On all projects, careful attention is given to HVAC, mechanical, electrical and lighting system noise & vibration control, as well as sound isolation from environmental and building noise. Our work is grounded in the philosophy that a worship, music or theatre space can be designed for excellence in speech and music, enhancing the participatory bond between clergy, musicians and congregation, or performers and audience. Clayton Acoustics Group achieves quality results through practical and sensitive design, mindful of solid acoustics principles, attention to detail, responsiveness to our clients and thoroughness of purpose.