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05/19/2022 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

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NCAC Manufacturer Technical Lunch: Fade Acoustic Ceilings

May 19, 2022
12:30 – 1:15 p.m. ET

The NCAC Manufacturer Technical Lunch series provides NCAC members the opportunity to learn more about NCAC sponsor manufacturers and connect with other NCAC members. Sessions will provide technical updates and information and will include a 20-minute Q&A from attendees.

The May 19 session is hosted by Fade Acoustic Ceilings.

Standards, guidelines, and mandatory building regulations on room acoustics in e.g. healthcare, education, and open office spaces are often lacking – and if they do exist they often only include values for reverberation time (RT) despite the fact that a long tradition of research shows that multiple acoustic descriptors are necessary to secure good room acoustics in working environments (Bradley and Sato 2003, Bradley et al. 1998, Bradley et al. 1999).

Despite this knowledge calculations according to the Sabine formula and measurements of RT according to ISO 3382-2 alone are still used to evaluate these facilities. In most spaces, we normally have absorption material on one surface only and the decay therefore will not follow a straight line according to the theory but will be split in an early part correlating more or less to the theory and a late part with a longer reverberation time – and calculations will not always reflect reality.

Furthermore, when testing acoustic absorbers according to ISO 354 the labs play an important role: Differences are seen from one lab to another, and this together with standard deviations in repeatability and reproducibility in general, the αp can be seen as a specific lab product property – not as product property in regards to acoustic design in reality.

Presenter: Mai-Britt Beldam, Market Development Manager

Ecophon Group & Fade, Divisions of Saint-Gobain

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