NCAC Presents Student Travel Awards to 181st ASA Meeting in Seattle

Ana Jaramillo (Olson Sound Design); Bruce Olson (Olson Sound Design); Joe Keefe (Ostergaard); Sunit Girdhar (student); Ryan Hao (student); Ziqi Chen (student); Victoria Anderson (student); Blake Krapfl (student); Jerry Lilly (JGL); Tony Hoover (MCH); Dan Bruck; Eric Reuter (Reuter Assoc.); Dave Conant (MCH); Ben Bridgewater (DL Adams) (front); Unidentified (back); Kerrie Standlee (DSA)

Each year, NCAC selects universities from a list of qualified university programs to offer the Travel Award. This year the 10 universities were Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan Technological University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Florida, University of Hartford, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

The following students were recognized by NCAC at the ASA Student Reception in Seattle. NCAC President Eric Reuter, FASA, INCE Bd. Cert., Reuter Associates, LLC, was joined by several NCAC members to present the awards.

  • Victoria Anderson, University of Nebraska Lincoln – Omaha
  • Ziqi Chen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Sunit Girdhar, Michigan Technological University
  • Ryan Hao, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Blake Krapfl, University of Nebraska Lincoln – Omaha

The eligibility of university and college programs was determined by the NCAC Student Travel Award committee and based on stringent criteria regarding the program’s curriculum and faculty. Schools were qualified to select a graduate or undergraduate student from their program to be the recipient of the award.

These honors have been made possible through financial support from the following NCAC Platinum and Gold sponsors:

  • Armstrong
  • BASWA acoustic
  • Biamp
  • CDM Stravitec, Inc.
  • Ecore International
  • Kinetics Noise Control
  • LogiSon Acoustic Network
  • Mason Industries, Inc.
  • MBI Products
  • NTi Audio, Inc.
  • Pliteq, Inc.
  • Pyrok, Inc.
  • RPG Acoustical Systems
  • Shure, Incorporated
  • SonaKrete
  • Unika Vaev
  • USG
  • Wenger

Thank you to these companies for their commitment to students.

The Laymon N. Miller Award for Excellence in Acoustical Consulting is an annual award to be provided jointly by the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States of America (INCE/USA). This award is to be provided to an individual who has practiced acoustical consulting in an exemplary manner over a sustained period of time to improve acoustical environments in and around buildings, transportation systems, work places, recreational and other occupied spaces such that the quality of life for citizens and communities is significantly enhanced.

“Dave’s ambitious work ethic, creativity in finding effective acoustical solutions for his clients, and his interest in the continued education of and appreciation for his consultants’ interest is truly worth an honor of this caliber. Because of Dave’s efforts throughout his career, thousands of acoustical environments have been enhanced worldwide, and the next generation of aspiring young acousticians (and others in architecture, and theater design) are more knowledgeable and able to “carry the torch” toward better designs for tomorrow’s buildings.”

Read Full Encomium

NCAC is committed to building a more inclusive acoustical consulting industry and organization. We recognize there is a lot of work to be done on this matter. As part of this effort, we have formed a committee to explore this issue and develop meaningful action.

The committee welcomes your involvement in the committee. If you are interested in joining, please email All NCAC member firm principals, individual members and staff are welcome to join.

Current committee members include:

  • Mukan Acharya, Stewart Acoustical Consultants
  • Ezra Blackwell, Stewart Acoustical Consultants
  • Jesse Ehnert, Arpeggio Acoustics
  • Melinda Miller, ABD Engineering
  • Oscar Otero, Haverstick Design
  • Scott Pfeiffer, Threshold Acoustics
  • Eric Reuter, Reuter Associates
  • Indi Savitala, CSDA Design Group
  • Marcus Webb, Stewart Acoustical

Please feel free to contact Kim Paugh, NCAC Executive Director with any questions.

The National Council of Acoustical Consultants is committed to enhancing the stature and effectiveness of the acoustical consulting profession for the mutual benefit of the public and member firms. We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive industry and organization are essential to carrying out this mission. As such, the NCAC fully supports the commitment to diversity, equity and justice reaffirmed by the Acoustical Society of America in their June 3, 2020 statement on racism and injustice.

NCAC recognizes we need to do more to contribute to the diversity of the acoustics industry. Therefore, NCAC will dedicate time and resources to take the following actions:

    1. Offer a seminar on a diversity and inclusion topic at the 2020 NCAC Virtual Meeting.
    2. Review of NCAC Canon of Ethics to ensure member firms are accountable for non-discriminatory employment practices.
    3. Create a scholarship program for underrepresented and disadvantaged students.
    4. Identify and provide resources and training to support NCAC member firms in their diversity and inclusion efforts.
    5. Create a standing NCAC Diversity and Inclusion Committee made up of a diverse group of NCAC members to ensure significant and sustained diversity and inclusion efforts.

July 1, 2020 marks the beginning of a new leadership year for NCAC.

A special thank you to:

  • James Phillips who is concluding his 16 years of service on the NCAC Board and who will continue to be a great resource on the Long Range Planning Committee.
  • Joseph Soker who is concluding 10 years of service on the NCAC Board and will continue to chair the International Committee.
  • Stephanie Adams-Ball for her service as 2018-20 NCAC President and who will continue on the NCAC Board as immediate past president.

2020-2022 NCAC Board of Directors:


Eric Reuter
Reuter Associates, LLC

President – Elect

Scott Pfeiffer, FASA
Threshold Acoustics, LLC

Immediate Past President

Stephanie Adams-Ball
D.L. Adams Associates, Inc.

Vice President of Finance

Jesse Ehnert
Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting, LLC

Vice President of Membership

Joseph Bridger
Stewart Acoustical Consulants

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Richard Schrag
Russ Berger Design Group


Silas Bensing
Wilson Ihrig

Jessica Clements
Newcomb & Boyd, LLP

Scott Harvey
Phoenix Noise & Vibration, LLC

Adam Jenkins
The Greenbusch Group, Inc.

Richard Riedel
Riedel Audio & Acoustics, LLC

Individual Member Representative

Rob Miller
Threshold Acoustics